NASD Training Series

The National Agricultural Safety Database (NASD) Training Series is a CDC-funded promotion for ag worker safety education which we completed in partnership with the University of Florida (UF). Using content authored by our UF counterparts, we developed a series of interactive training modules and designed a Learning Management System (LMS) to track the scores of participants. Interactive tasks reinforce safety concepts presented in each training module. The series is free to access, and is intended to be useful for farm workers, teachers, and in rural communities where agricultural safety is taught. As the population of ag safety trainers is currently in decline, we’re glad to have been involved in a project aimed at filling this growing need.

Client: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

Technologies used: Adobe Flash, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, PHP

Services performed: Flash Based Interactive Training, Database Design, Site Architectural Design, Visual Design

Launch Website:

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