Interactive Training

You’re gripping the podium in front of an auditorium full of industry professionals who were stuck in an icy Denver airport for twelve hours yesterday. Now it’s up to you to deliver a three day training course in a fluorescent-lit auditorium to a sea of scowls. With sudden clarity, you realize that picturing your angry audience in underwear really doesn’t help. At all.

With our help, you could deliver the same training course without ever leaving your office.

Interactive, online training is a convenient, cost effective solution for continuing education requirements, retraining purposes, or secondary training. With no travel expenses or logistical acrobatics, interactive training provides an economical alternative to conventional training programs. We help you identify your user base, learning objectives, and certification requirements. Working within your budget, we collaborate closely with content specialists to develop interactive lessons that make the material interesting and memorable.

To complement such online courses, we can also build a custom Learning Management System (LMS) to accommodate more advanced functionality such as tracking the progress of participants, generating certificates, expanding course offerings, and handling reminders.

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